About Crewhouse

Crewhouse is a media company based in Cyprus offering comprehensive film and video production services worldwide.

Our 20 years experience in the industry has given us extensive understanding of the requirements of news, sport, features, documentaries, PSA’s, live events, film-making and distribution strategies.

Our professionalism and convenient location makes Crewhouse the trusted choice for many leading international television networks and companies needing a complete video package for broadcast, promotional, commercial, public awareness or social media use.

Our crews have worked in many challenging environments around the globe covering major events for feature and documentary productions, and continue to do so.

Our valued knowledge and great international reputation means that we consistently meet and exceed the needs of any production.

I hired Crewhouse to film a PBS documentary on Cyprus. Everything was terrific and first class. They have great contacts in the Middle East and have that wonderful ability to fit into any circumstance or environment. They give it to you soup to nuts….in the field filming, editing and footage resources.

—George Veras President and CEO verastv.com

Thank you for your guidance and contribution to our feature from Cyprus. The program was seen nationally throughout Australia and will be rebroadcast internationally.

Greg Wilesmith
Senior Producer Foreign Correspondent ABC

I have been working with Crewhouse in Cyprus over several years. Their excellent camera skills and creativity in the implementation of the filming have contributed significantly to the success of our work for DWTV and ARTE.

Gunnar Köhne

Often the job I do is challenging, more often than that it is frustrating, and rarely is it inspirational. This time it was truly enriching I have had nothing less than 100 per cent support from every one of you.

Peter Hiscocks
Project Manager, Thomson Foundation

I just finished watching the rushes and wanted to say thanks very much. There’s some really nicely composed and observed shots. I was really happy with everything I saw… a really great job, very sensitive.

Number 9 Films

There is nothing Crewhouse won’t or can’t do. Professional, creative and passionate, from the extraordinary to the ordinary, they will deliver you the full video package and it will shine.

Lucy Campbell-Jackson
Greenpeace International

It was an honour to have such a great professional onboard the Rainbow Warrior. We’d very much like to build stronger relationships with Crewhouse, and hopefully your colleagues will continue to accept our offers for assignments.

Michael Nagasaga
Greenpeace International

Our director was particularly impressed with the end result. You will certainly be put in our contacts book in ink! Best wishes and hope to be able to work with you soon.

Jill Mayman
Key20 Media Limited

I want to thank you for all your support and help in Cyprus over the past years. We will certainly do business together again when the time comes.

Richard C. Schneider
Bureau Chief & Chief Correspondent ARD German Television

I would like to thank you for a very well done job in both Yemen and Syria. Although the shoot was difficult logistically the footage was of the highest quality and will add value to our finished film. I would highly recommend Crewhouse to anyone and hope that we can work together again in the future.

Boaz Paldi
Producer, UNDP New York

We really appreciated your team’s effort to get what we needed, their conscientious approach to get quality footage, and your flexibility to structure a project solution for us. We hope this will be the first of many projects.

Rod Tamlyn
Original Works
BBC's Top Gear team wreak havoc on the slopes of Mount Olympus in Cyprus.
Featured Project

In early 2019, the BBC contacted us to see if we could assist them in filming and producing an episode for their hugely successful programme, Top Gear. Of course we said "Let us think about it..." a split second later we were on-board!

The shows producers needed an experienced team with excellent local knowledge, fluent communications, great connections and an appetite for the outrageous. We guess they came knocking on the right door.